About Us

ten·a·ble (tĕn’ə-bəl)

Capable of being occupied, maintained, or defended, as against attack under fire conditions

Our Advantages

Tenable Fire Engineering Consultancy are the first specialised fire engineering consultancy in Oman successfully completing over 500 projects and facilitating the Public Authority of Civil Defence Approvals. Our main advantages in comparison to others are as follow:

  • Quick Civil Defence Approval due to extensive experience with design projects in the Sultanate.
  • Ex Civil Defence Engineers and personals within the Oman office allowing in-house review prior to submissions.
  • Excellent Civil Defence relationship through professional expertise sharing scheme.
  • An available local structure in our Oman Head Office of over 40 professionals.
  • International Offices in Dubai & London for an “out of book” approach through international experience and complex engineering methodologies.
  • Daily civil defence visits for follow up on projects.
  • Ability to cater for all project sizes efficiently.
  • ISO Certified with a robust fire engineering and fire inspection management system that is continuously updated.
  • Dedication from top management to successfully complete projects to client satisfaction.



Adding Value to Design

Tenable are specialist fire engineering consultants providing intelligent design solutions that:

  • Improve design flexibility
  • Reduce design risks by obtaining early civil defense approvals
  • Reduce construction costs without comprising safety
  • We are able to do this by proactively applying the latest fire engineering technologies and practices into architectural designs.

Performance Based Designs & Innovation

We actively engage with leading experts at universities, government organizations, fire authorities and code & design guide writing bodies to ensure that our designs are at the cutting edge of the fire profession.

Founder's Objective

We are founded with the purpose of ensuring public lives within the built environment are safe and secure from threats of fire, without compromising architectural designs features aspired by our clients.

We do so by continuously developing our individual selves, our organization and the stakeholders around us. We aim to become the leading specialized consultants across the globe providing new engineering methodologies with high care and quality, all our previous, current and future work are done with good faith and high care from our professionals using latest technologies, latest available resources and high engineering skills.

We in tenable, promise our clients at all times, and at any location, to provide all the attention needed to deliver a smooth and high quality services.

Sultan S. Al Maskri  Director