Refurbishing older projects

As the Middle East’s construction sector is still developing and raising best practice to meet international standards, many of the fire and life safety codes and practices are being updated to include ways in which stakeholders can ensure older projects are still safe and secure for residents and occupants.

Many older projects do not have the latest, approved documentation, such as fire and life safety drawings, which can present challenges when making modifications to a building. However, we can often achieve much of what is being asked, provided building owners are willing to work collaboratively with us. If there is no existing fire and life safety strategy for us to work with, one will be produced throughout the project.

When embarking on a refurbishment project, our objective is to ensure the building meets current code requirements, as much as is physically possible, as major modifications, such as adding staircases, are not feasible. We first carry out a risk assessment to rule out any significant non-compliances and ascertain what the likelihood of a fire starting is, where and what the fire loads would be, taking into consideration whether there is a sprinkler system and, if not, whether it possible for us to add one. Improving the compartmentation, reviewing the safe travel distances and ensuring adequate egress is also crucial.

Our aim as specialist fire engineering consultants is to work together with the relevant stakeholders by guiding them through the necessary process of complying with the relevant country codes.

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