The importance of performance-based design

Value engineering runs throughout each element of a project, and we firmly believe in cost efficiency without jeopardising overall safety. As a team, we encourage performance-based design as a way to justify a building’s safety and occupancy safety, especially when trying to maintain an architect’s challenging design intent. Working collaboratively with architects throughout the design phase, we review the architectural concept design and provide prescriptive code guidance against the relevant fire and life safety codes and standards.

When consulting on projects that push architectural boundaries, we must still be able to adhere to the relevant code without modifying the innovative elements of an architect’s vision. If prescriptive codes are difficult to achieve, a performance-based design approach allows us to map out and rectify areas of concern before obtaining relevant local approvals.

We add an additional layer of safety to our processes with the use of advanced 3D modelling technology. We explore every eventuality, ensuring there are no surprises or additional project costs further down the line.

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